Statuesque Accessories scales explained

Statuesque Miniatures produces five sizes of accessories for converting your miniatures: Fine Scale, Pulp ScaleHeroic Scale SMALL, Heroic Scale LARGE and a single set of Heroic Scale XL.

The Fine Scale Accessories feature the smallest heads of the three sizes and match those used on the Statuesque Miniatures Sci-fi ranges (but not Statuesque Starport). The Fine Scale range includes the Resistance Fighter Accessories (SMA001-011) that are specifically designed for use with the Resistance Fighters range of figures. Products coded SMA101 onwards are designed for converting other ranges of figures. Check out the comparison pictures on my personal blog for examples of what I have done with this size of accessory.

The Pulp Scale Accessories are the mid-size heads and match those used on the Statuesque Pulp ranges (including Statuesque Starport). These products are suitable for converting a wide variety of other manufacturers' figures. Again, check out the comparison photos for examples, featuring everything from female knights to evil cultists.

The Heroic Scale Accessories are the three largest head sizes:

The SMA301-307 Heroic Scale LARGE range is great for converting heroic scale male figures such heavily armoured space knights or troopers in fatiques and body armour.

The SMA311 Heroic Scale Female Heads XL - Techno Roiders set is designed for converting particularly large and heavily armoured space knights.

The SMA351-357 Heroic Scale SMALL range is designed specifically for converting heroic scale female figures, or more slight heroic scale figures in general. The Heroic Scale SMALL heads are narrower and less deep, though of similar height to the Heroic Scale LARGE heads.

I've put together some examples in the comparison photos, but you should also check out the Statuesque Miniatures Facebook Page to see what customers have posted of their own work.
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