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November 2018

Preview: Eerie-Orums joins the Trows of the Trowie Knowe

 by statuesqueminiatures on 05 Nov 2018 |
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***This preview is for a range of figures I'm currently working on. As such, their release is still a looooong time off. If you like the sound of this range, keep nagging me to get them all finished!*** Here's another trow to add to the old guy I showed last time. Eerie-Orums is the matriarch of the group, though she is clearly suffering from an unfortunate growth on her back. Her companion has now been named Halligolum (from a counting rhyme, variants of which were common across Scotland). They're both very small; Eerie-Orums being just under 19mm to the top of her head (as posed) and Halligolum just under 20mm. Release is still a long time away, as I still have to finish the rest of the group. I'm really enjoying the process though, it's been a nice change of pace. I'll likely go back and make small changes to this pair, such as adding some carving to Eerie-Orums back-tree. Her name means decorations - such as carvings in wood - in Orcadian dialect, so it would seem appropriate.
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