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Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter continues!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 01 Jun 2019 |
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Hi everyone.

The Left at the Bottom of the Garden Kickstarter is still going strong as we enter the final few days. The level of support has been really gratifying and it's great to have so many home for these odd little toys to go to.

The support has also encouraged me to continue sculpting for this range - I want to tell the story of Olive, Clementine and their friends as they venture into the woods. So even though we've reach and exceeded the funding target, every pledge really helps and is really appreciated as it will speed up the process of telling that story in a later Kickstarter - no waiting to save money for prints and mastering.

As you can see above, I've been painting away to hopefully get the full set painted before the end of the Kickstarter. It's been a fun process trying out new ways of painting (lots of splatter). Now I've just got the hoodie crows to finish!

You can see more photos both in the Kickstarter updates and on the Statuesque Facebook and Twitter pages.

As always, all shares, comments and likes on social media - along with forum posts and just telling your friends - are much appreciated and really do help.



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