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Preview: The Dwarfie-Stane and the Trows of the Trowie Knowe

 by statuesqueminiatures on 14 Jan 2019 |
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***This preview is for a range of figures I'm currently working on. As such, their release is still a looooong time off. If you like the sound of this range, keep nagging me to get them all finished!***

The third trow to join the Trows of the Trowie Knowe family is the Dwarfie-Stane. He is a particularly large trow, towering over his companions Eerie-Orums and Halligolum.

His stony growths were inspired by the cliffs of the west coast of Orkney, particularly those on Hoy and at Yesnaby. He measures just over 28mm to the top of his stony hump. I'm currently working on Woollie-Horse, though she's taking a fair old while due to my decision to laboriously sculpt all her wool/fur 'by hand', rather than using a specific fur tool. I still enjoy doing digital sculpting the hard way!


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