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Preview of things a long time off...

 by statuesqueminiatures on 15 Oct 2018 |
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***This preview is for a range of figures I'm currently working on. As such, their release is still a looooong time off. If you like the sound of this range, keep nagging me to get them all finished!***

Trows are small, troll-like creatures in the folklore of Orkney and Shetland. They as said to live in trowie knowes - the ancient burial mounds that dot the islands. They seem to enjoy fiddle music, petty theft and abduction. 

This range will be my interpretation of the peerie folk. Having been born and raised in Orkney, it's only having left the islands that I've become interested in the folklore and language. So just like I ignored the folk stories, folk music and many, many ancient rocks and mounds in my youth, my trows have been forgotten by humans. They wear no buckled shoes, play no fiddles and largely avoid contact with anyone. Like the few remaining trees on the windswept islands, they eke out an existence in the gullies and rocky places. Whether they even claim a home in the knowes is unknown. They have returned to nature as mankind forgets.

I'm planning a small group of trows, each quite different from the others. So far, only the trow you see here is complete, though I've nearly done on the second. I'm really enjoying the process of imagining and sculpting them and hope they'll find some homes when they're finally done and on sale.


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