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SALE! Up to 15% OFF Heroic Scale and Heroic Scale Narrow Female Heads!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 28 Sep 2018 |
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We don't do many sales here at Statuesque Miniatures, preferring great prices, quantity discounts and new release special offers. But sometimes a sale is just the ticket!

For a limited time only, you can get ANY two sets of Heroic Scale and/or Heroic Scale Narrow heads at over 10% off!

Not only that, but you can get ANY four sets of Heroic Scale and/or Heroic Scale Narrow heads at over 15% off! That's a saving of £3 over the regular, individual prices.

Do you want a selection of Beret and Veteran heads to convert your space grunts? How about some cybernetic heads with the Bionic and Techno Roider heads? You can even mix and match between the Heroic Scale and Heroic Scale Narrow heads!

Happily, this sale also coincides with the SMA356 Heroic Scale Female Heads NARROW - Bionic being available again - something many people have been asking about.

These offers will run only until Sunday the 14th of October or while stocks last, so don't delay and grab some heads today!


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