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Normal service has resumed

 by statuesqueminiatures on 14 Jun 2017 |
2 Comment(s)
Normal service has resumed (see the previous news post) and all orders from the 8th to the 14th of June have been posted. Thanks for your patience.

Plenty to be getting on with, including preparing these prints for moulding: more Heroic Scale Narrow variants and two Able Spacewomen!


Jim Dalziel - Comment
Jim Dalziel16 Jun 2017Reply
Are those 2 new figures with the latest news on 14/07/17? One with a briefcase and one with a torch? Can we order them yet?
statuesqueminiatures - Comment
statuesqueminiatures16 Jun 2017Reply
The two Able Spacewomen are still some time from release. Hopefully in 2-3 months they'll be on sale.
Jim Dalziel - Comment
Jim Dalziel16 Jun 2017Reply
Thanks very much, I'll be stashing a few quid for the end of the summer to buy those two.
Jim Dalziel

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