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A note on SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads *Back in stock*

 by statuesqueminiatures on 14 Feb 2016 |
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***Edit: Now back in stock!***

At the time of writing this note, I'm down to just one set of SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads in stock.

"But hang on, didn't you receive a restock just over a week ago?" I hear you ask.

Well yes, I did. However, that has now nearly sold out. There are various reasons for this slight, ahem, miscalculation.

Firstly, when I ordered that restock back at the beginning of December, I had a lot of the heads in stock, so I ordered slightly less than usual. I thought I'd have plenty to tide me over until I ordered yet another restock. However, the restock ordered at the beginning of December took much longer than usual to arrive, and when it did arrive there was a much higher rate of miscasts that I couldn't sell. Not only that but sales in January were a nearly a third higher than average, so available stock when the restock arrived was less than expected. Finally, I received a big retailer order that further reduced this amount.

So here we are, facing the SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads going out of stock again. I have placed an emergency order with the casters that should hopefully arrive in the next week or so. In the next full restock, expected in 5-6 weeks time, I've not only ordered loads of heads but also ordered a shiney new mould to reduce miscasts and a new release in the shape of Heroic Scale Female Heads 2...

In the meantime, all the other Heroic Scale Female Heads sets are still available, as are the new Fine Scale and Pulp Scale female head sets. Over on the Statuesque Facebook page, I've been playing around with various figures to show you examples of using these new sets.

If you've recently placed an order for the heads, don't worry your heads are there and your order will be posted shortly as I never take orders for items I don't have in stock, unless specifically noted as a Pre-Order.

If you want notification of when the SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads are available again, drop me an email at


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