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Pulp Alley Character Cards back in stock

 by statuesqueminiatures on 03 Feb 2015 |
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The Pulp Alley Character Cards are now back in stock.

Designed by David and Mila Phipps, the Pulp Alley Character Cards include their most popular and frequently used characters. The cards are designed to easily be used in multiple roles and settings - from the danger-filled jungles of Perilous Island to the deadly streets of Vice Alley, and beyond.

Available as either Leader, Sidekick, Ally or Follower cards, each pack includes 12 assorted, pre-made Character cards and 3 blank cards.

Also available is a pack of 15 Blank character cards suitable for each character class. This includes blanks for 2 Leaders, 3 Sidekicks, 6 Allies, and 3 Followers.

The Pulp Alley Character Cards are priced at £5.25 per set, with the Blank Character Cards priced at £4.75. Stock is again limited so order soon so as not to miss out on this batch.


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