Required Figure Base:

"Assigned to their posts within three months of each other, the appointment of Sister Anaesthesia as Asylum Administrator and Doctor Strukov as Senior Medical Officer undoubtedly marks the decline into cruelty and evil that has afflicted Statuesque Asylum in recent years. Together they dominate their unfortunate charges with iron will and razor-sharp scalpel.

"Professor Felicity Poppington has been investigating the stories surrounding Statuesque Asylum for some time, interviewing former patients and staff to hear their tales of horror and dread. Now she must cross the threshold and discover for herself what hides in the shadows of this benighted place.

"Lillie Poots is somewhat lost."
  • Four finely-detailed, one and two part metal figures.
  • Approximately 23-32mm tall.
  • Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
The Statuesque Asylum Adversaries set is priced at only £12.50, saving £2 over buying the included items separately.

Figures painted by Charlie Kirkpatrick.
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