Required Figure Base:

"Following the disastrous Kowloon Incident, Hong Kong Security Operative Mei-Lin Mayfair's consciousness was downloaded into a high-tech gynoid body. Only during a routine check of her coding was it discovered she was a double agent. Mei-Lin managed to evade the shut-down and reset protocols initiated on her discovery and escaped with a small number of slaved gynoid drones. She continues to thwart the plans of her former masters, though she knows she is hunted mercilessly by multiple versions of her own self, each now utterly loyal to the ESU cause."

Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembots are available at a price of only £21, saving £3.75 over buying the items individually.
  • Seven finely detailed multi-part metal figures.
  • Includes one Mei-Lin Mayfair 2.0 figure and six Fembot figures.
  • These figures feature interchangeable arms and heads and two head options for each figure.
  • Approximately 32mm tall unposed.
  • Supplied unpainted and unassembled.
The Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembot set is priced at only £21.
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