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June 2015

New Pulp Alley Pre-Order - Mak O'Reilly and Gauge

 by statuesqueminiatures on 24 Jun 2015 |
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Statuesque Miniatures and Pulp Alley are pleased to announce the Pre-Order of a new Pulp Alley Miniatures pack – Mak O'Reilly and Gauge, our first Sidekicks. "Raised on the rough streets of King City, the resourceful Mak O'Reilly frequently accompan...

Various items now restocked - including Heroic Scale Female Heads!

 by statuesqueminiatures on 18 Jun 2015 |
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I happy to say that SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads is now back in stock. I've spent most of the day sorting through mountains of castings, so there are plenty available and will hopefully last until the next restock arrives... Also restocked in th...

Heroic Scale Female Heads stock update

 by statuesqueminiatures on 10 Jun 2015 |
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Well, the SMA012 Heroic Scale Female Heads are out of stock again at the moment. A restock was ordered at the end of April though I'm still awaiting delivery, I think due to a premises move for the caster. I'm expecting an update from the caster as t...
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