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Pulp Gadgets, Guns and Vehicles on its way and a blogger post on figure size.

 by statuesqueminiatures on 13 May 2014 |
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A large box of copies of the new Pulp Alley expansion Pulp Gadgets, Guns and Vehicles was dispatched from Pulp Alley in the US on Saturday, and is now making its way to Statuesque Asylum in the UK. As such, it should arrive in time for the expected shipping to customers date.

Don't forget, until this Sunday, the 18th of May, you can pre-order Pulp Gadgets, Guns and Vehicles for only £10.50, saving over 15%.

In other news, I've written a Khorosho Productions blog post about the size and proportion differences between the three Statuesque ranges- Sci-fi, Pulp and Fantasy. You can read it here, and remember there are various comparison photos on that blog to let you judge the relative sizes of our figures.


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