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Mei-Lin 2.0, Fembots and Heroic Scale Heads Released

 by statuesqueminiatures on 27 Jan 2014 |
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Hi folks,

Unfortunately I again forgot to update this blog when the new figures were released. I need to get the blog positioned more front and centre rather than hidden down the bottom of the homepage, so I remember to keep it up to date.

Mei-Lin Mayfair 2.0, the Hong Kong Killer Fembots and the Heroic Scale Female Heads all went on sale on Friday. As a release special, Mei-Lin and two sets of Fembots were available in the Mei-Lin Mayfair and the Hong Kong Killer Fembots special offer for only £20.

Sale were rather stronger than expected over the weekend and now the Fembots and the special offer are currently out of stock. We sold what would normally be a couple of months stock in one weekend. A restock order has been placed with the casters and I hope to have the items back in stock within two weeks, though it all depends on the casters' workload. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Mei-Lin and the Heroic Scale Heads are of course still available.


Andrew Rae


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